Friday, June 17, 2011

PAINTING STUDIO Father’s Day Weekend by Stephen Craig Rowe, A Letter To Dad


     Hey Dad, can’t believe it has been nearly four years since, well you know.  You did the boogie, checked out, cashed in your chips, went flying in the blind, took a really long nap and never woke up, then went back into the All.

    I know there may not be computers in Heaven yet, smile!, and that you are not reading this letter but you are in my blood, bones, mind, heart and soul each and every day. 

     I talk to Mom every Sunday and she is doing fine.  This weekend Carrie, Pam, Kathryn, Mom, and Carrie’s little terrorists are all in Ohio.  God bless them all.

    Your flag is in a place of honor in my house and you are ever in my thoughts. 

     Love you Dad,  More than words can tell,  as ever be well



Gerry Adams said...

Sorry your dad is gone Stephen. My dad has now been gone for 10 years, and my mom for 6 mos. Time has continued to fly by in spite of it.

Beth said...

A beautiful tribute for your dad Stephen. He was a very fine looking man.

Seeking Serenity said...

I hope the weather is good for you this weekend to enjoy the outdoors,good food,and company...