Sunday, August 14, 2011

Full Moon Of August by Stephen Craig Rowe


With one hand in the earth and one hand in the sky

Sleep does not come easy in light of the August moon.

Dreams wrap around a breeze, flapping window shades all night long, in and out of tossing and turning a glow of silver blue in and through the clouds.  With one hand in the sky soar

As stars rain in the garden.

In light of the August moon.

As ever be well.  Stephen Craig Rowe

Friday, August 05, 2011

Sand, Stone, Stars, Sun And My Son Half A World Away

Photos by Adam Rowe.  Text by Stephen Craig Rowe


     Half a world away my son is serving with a Special Forces Unit somewhere in Afghanistan.   Adam posted some photographs on Facebook and gave permission for me to share a few of them here.   He and some of his unit were recently on ten day convoy.  During that time there was no communication home or posting on the internet.  I was very glad to learn that Adam and all of those with him on the convoy returned to base safe.




Exploding roads, temps averaging around 110 or so and sleeping in the open under the stars is not a vacation.  For the soldiers it is a vocation.  It is a job they have chosen to do and they do it well. 


Maybe Congress should take their vacation in Afghanistan, or better yet get back to work and serve the United States Of America.


If you can read thoughts, there are no need for words.


Half a world away it is as though there are no need for words.  I see it in your eyes my son, and know that you know.  Be safe and as ever be well.