Sunday, February 20, 2011

One Well Placed Word by Stephen Craig Rowe

      I once wrote that one well placed word can change the world forever as one well placed stone can topple the strongest wall and at the time did so in a poetic context.  Recent events have shown that this is true.  The revolution in Tunisia inspired by the act of fruit vendor Mohamed Bouazizi is an example of the innate human desire to improve not only one's lot but to improve the common good.  It is reported that Bouazizi refused to pay a bribe in order to operate his fruit stand, he was then slapped by the official and his scale was confiscated.  When he went to the officials to reclaim his scale he was refused entrance.  He then bought some petrol and lit himself afire in front of the office.  A well  placed word, a small stone placed to topple the wall of oppression has freed his people.
     This act in Tunisia has inspired others in the region to demonstrate for human rights, freedom from oppression caused by age old dictators, kings and queens appointed by themselves, rule with a total disregard for the people, enrich their own coffers while the subjects suffer.  This is not a new story as this sort of management of affairs has been going on forever.  Make the rich richer and fuck the people has been the rule.  Pretend to care, give a little here and there for personal gain and fuck the people into poverty.  Well, Kings and Queens, those that rule.  One well placed word, act, and small stone is about to tumble the wall and change the world forever. Or so it seems. 
     I for one pray for peace, the right of people to choose a government of and by the people. 
As ever be well.  Stephen Craig Rowe