Sunday, December 16, 2007


I wrote this piece in December of 2,005 and am re-posting it today.

Silent Night
Stone claws clasp
Ledge high above
The Streets
Gargoyle Wings
Carved smile
Blindly stare
As Liberty and
Dragon Dance
Holiday Cheer
Teeming the Streets
With Seasons Spirits
All those feelings
Thoughts, pains, dreams,
and Joys.
An Angel
Wiped snow from the
Gargoyle brow
and wrapped a
Wing around
The Stone Carved
Giving sight to
The Blind
and warmed
The Heart
From above
They Sang
Sacred Songs
with no words
In the Silent

It is snowing as I type.
Have a good-great
Christmas Season
As ever be well,
With love.
Stephen Craig Rowe

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Snow Queen.

Introduction: After work last night I stood in the yard and looked to the sky. Half moon seemed to open the heavens and give me a chance to see the stars. It was all so very clear, still and silent. When I went indoors and sat at the computer my thoughts turned to December, family, friends and the meaning of Christmas.


The Sky show sparkled after
Midnight as
Winter's chill became
Cold and
Rain turned to Ice.
Warm thoughts
Of those near
Far away
are sustinance
Amid the
Clutter and
Glitter of the bustling
Myth and
Faith mingle
In the Joys,
and Merriment.
While the Heavenly Father
Gave life to the
Light of the World
and the
Holy Spirit
This earth
As Man.
Half Moon
Seemed to open
The Heavens for
A glance at the
On the
Eve of December.

Half Moon shivered and froze
As she saw her reflection
on the Ice glazed pond
That began to glow
under night sky
As Liberty
Softly scented the
Half Moon woke the
Heavens and Stars burned bright
In the deep blue night.
A sparkle, wink and chill took
as She touched the Sky and
Liberty sang one
clear still vibrating note
To crack the ice.
A thrill of a thrilling note,
A song without music or words.
A tone and tune to
cue the heart in the night.
Yet clear and ever knowing,
Ever clear and ever snowing, Ever known
and ever knowing, ever been and
Ever shall be.
Ever been and ever shall be.
Are those wind chimes?
Sparkling in the sky.
What sound is this?
Be they voices from the past, or dreams of the Dragon?
Half Moon and Liberty snickered,
Then gave the Dragon a NUDGE!
Half Moon laughed out loud as
Liberty thwacked the dreaming Dragon on the snout!
And said, into a big old Dragon ear that she had to partialy unfold for it had been slept upon for so very long. " Early in the times, whispers of myth are as clear as my words. Here and now I bid you wake, for the old days and new need you now."
The Dragon gave a Humph! A puff of smoke, a snort and tried to cuddle back into the treasue trove of dreams, ancient times and Dragon dreams. Puff, puff, puff. And Dragon, seemed to doze.
Liberty took her hands and shook the Dragon's head, her wings a flutter about the big smoldering snout. Then said,
" Dragon, wake for the month of December is the month of the old and the new!"
At that, both of the Dragon's eyes glowed wide open and fast awake to view the world all at once.
And the Dragon shed tears for the world of today.
" Dear Liberty, what have they done? " The Dragon cried. Now, I have never seen a Dragon cry, but can you imagine that!

Yes there is a beauty to the myth in human consciousness that is as real as the dream.
Liberty and Dragon
Dance forever
Hand in arm,
In hand,
Reflected in
Glass beads
Ever have been and ever shall be.
Of the All.
In December.
As ever be well, again, Stephen Craig Rowe

Friday, November 09, 2007


Talking About Saudade * Missing You

A poem in my own words inspired by JouElam+SophiE

INTRODUCTION: SAUDADE is a Portugese word that was given
to me in love and friendship. I can not translate this word, I
can only write what I feel.


Echo in the valley
Cry in the night
Free and alone
Trickle in the
moon lit streams
That flow from
My eyes
onto the windows
In the keypad
That scratches
Only a high held note
The Violin
Splashing wine
On streets that shine
With tears soaked in
Of those near and dear.
Of those that have ever been and ever shall be.
Of those that have risen'
Of those that sing
Of those that are
Of the Light and Spirit.
Of the woods, rain, forests, grasses, trees, limbs and
Leaf sparkle
Dew drip dawning
Rainbow brow smile
Reflect the night Sky
Dance in
The glistening drop
Waving at the shore
Foaming and breaking on the rocks
Receed, Smile at the Moon.
Reflect in the pond
Skipping stones
and remember.
Home is where the
Art is, forever home
Or away
Within the All.

SAUDADE! As ever be well. With love, Stephen Craig Rowe


Ecoa no vale
pranto na noite
livre e abandonada
lua de fluxos brilhantes
iluminando os minúsculos córregos
que escorrem debruçados
nas janelas dos meus olhos
apenas a tecla em arrepios
é o sustenido
o violino
segurando uma nota altíssima
derramando o vinho do nosso copo
nas ruas encharcadas
pelo cintilar
da memória das lágrimas
de todos os que nos são intímos e queridos.
de todos aqueles que sempre foram,estiveram
são, estão, serão e estarão connosco
todos aqueles
que cantam
todos aqueles que são
luz do espírito
dos bosques, das florestas , das chuvas , da relva , das arvores , dos troncos , das folhas
gota d' orvalho amanhecendo
sorriso na sobrancelha do arco-íris
reflectidas no Céu noturno

A Stephen Craig Rowe Poem
Translation And Adaptation By JouElam
A very touched thank you to our Dear Friend Stephen
Author's note: It is I who thank you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. As ever be well. With love. Stephen Craig Rowe

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Truth In Shredding: Robert Marcello: more noodling insomia

Truth In Shredding: Robert Marcello: more noodling insomia

Overturn Bush Veto

Thanks for writing to your members of Congress about Bush’s veto of children’s health care. The letter you sent is below.
If you haven’t yet, be sure to tell your friends:
From Stephen Craig Rowe

Ray LaHood (R), Richard Durbin (D), Barack Obama (D)
Children's Health Insurance Program
President Bush vetoed the State Children's Health Insurance Program. As a life long fine arts painter and poet I know that my works have inspired others to go on and do good works for the betterment. I am a proud veteran yet all of my 60 years have seen wars and wasted money spent on killing rather than healing. It makes me sad that This Great Nation serves those who are with out conscience to serve themselves with total disreguard, and oblivious to the needs of the people, the children, the elderly that still hold holy the dream of the American people.Oh, some votes will come from the internet and this will be childs play. Those who register and vote will make the call. Override the veto of President Bush and serve the American people, serve the children of your community, for the children are your legacy and the American dream. Be well. Stephen Craig Rowe

Truth In Shredding: Robert Marcello: more noodling insomia

Truth In Shredding: Robert Marcello: more noodling insomia

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Holy Week

With Stephen's permission, I am writing to you in hope to get your attention. We've been talking about how we want to voice our beliefs in making this world a better place to live in.

Before I begin to discuss our goals, I would like to emphasize that I had nothing to do with Stephen linking me or Jeremy on his post. Stephen feels the importance in introducing his visitors to real people. Jeremy is one of them, he is deaf, confined in wheelchair since birth. Despite his bad english writings, and disability, he is a real person with feelings. Just like many other handicapped people, they can cry, laugh, and express themselves. They can just do pretty much almost everything as we can do.

Maybe they cannot walk like us, but they can move around with the assistance of wheelchair or walkers. They may not be able to hear, but they can see. They may not be able to see but they can feel, and hear things. It's us people that take things for granted in this world. We tend to look down on these people thinking that we are better than them. There is no such a thing as imperfection in my opinion. I truly believe that we all are created perfect in God's eyes regardless of any flaws that we might possess.

Stephen and I were talking about how people can be so intimidated by handicapped people. We both wish that people would stop being so judgmental, and help one others. There are too many people lacking compassion in this society. It is our duty to figure out a way to reach out to everyone, and be an example of what a good person should be. We may not be rich, nor somebody famous, but we are real. We have feelings, and have the dreams to make this world a better place. I was thinking of how we can do that. I've told Stephen that in order for us to help one others, we must start within ourselves. Take a good look in the mirror, and see if there is anything that needs to be fixed first. We cannot help other people if we are not taking good care of ourselves.

The problem with this society is that people tend to take things for granted. They tend to fight for power, money, and fame that they forget that life is not all about that. Life is about how you make it, and how you give one others of yourself, and the love that you give. Love should be unconditional, and free. Love is the best gift of all. Not everyone is fortunate to know what love is. In order to know love, you must have compassion, and respect for one others.

It is the INJUSTICE in this world that angers us. We strive to make a difference in our world. We want to make our world a better place to live, but we cannot do it alone. We need your help in any way you can provide. We would appreciate whatever you can afford to give, or free time to volunteer. In order for us to succeed in carrying out our plan to make this world a better place, we need more helping hands.

There are many children without wheelchairs because their families are too poor to afford one. Believe me, I would know, because I am living with Jeremy, and his wheelchair is not so cheap. It costs over 4,000 dollars just for basic wheelchair that is comfortable enough to last a whole day in. There was this 6 years old boy that his poor family struggled to pay 10 thousand dollars for a special custom wheelchair, and it got stolen by some gang. I thought it was so downright cruel. Why can't people just respect our things instead of seeing our things as "valuable" stuff. Just because we paid for certain things that we need to get around does not mean that we are rich or whatever. Speaking of charities, there are programs that you can help donate money to where they will provide the needs to handicapped children around the world. You can make a huge difference in a person's life by being a giver without expecting anything in return.

Stephen asked me to please ask you to please give support to the Flying Monkeys space, he was saddened that no one gives a frank to visit it and leave comments. Please do not be rude not to leave a comment. Please take a minute out of your busy schedule to visit and pay your respect. There are people that working hard to make Flying Monkeys space a good place to go to. The problem is that people tend to be judgemental like people don't bother to visit Jeremy's space because of his poor english writing or nonsense pictures, but he is a real person with feelings! People don't stop and think that maybe Jeremy gets hurt whenever he checks his stats to see who came into his space, and realize no one bothered to leave a comment not even to say "Hi"! It hurts me to see Jeremy get hurt, but that's the real world. I don't care if no one visits my space, I don't consider myself to be important, but I would appreciate it very much if you would please respect Stephen enough to visit the links that he put up on his posts. Please have a heart.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read this post. Have a good one!
With regards,

Please visit these links:

Please visit Jer if you are a friend of mine, you are a friend of my friends...... As ever be well, Stephen Craig Rowe

Please check these links out to learn more about how you can contribute in helping one others

National Federation of the Blind
United Cerebral Palsy
The International Deaf Children's Society
The National Down Syndrome Society
Fuvirese USA in assistance to Ecuador's disabled children's needs
Pazapa Center for Handicapped Children in Haiti
and there are many more links you can look up on Google...

Monday, March 12, 2007

As Liberty Spread Her Wings And Soared

As Liberty spread her wings and soared a small boy sat alone on the edge of a pier in the Great North Woods. There was no one else on the lake and the morning mists had risen. He took his eyes from the fishing bobber and looked at the island as the sun sparkled the water and listened to the small waves splash and slap the foam on the shore. There was a twitter of birds, croaking of frogs, buzz of insects and sounds of the forest. He was vacationing with his Grandparents far from the city. A pair of dragonflys spun around the end of his fishing pole and he thought of the Dragon that lived under his bed, back at home. He was just a little boy and knew the Dragon was not quite real. Then again he was wont to think that if he were born in days of old that he would have drawn the Sword from the Stone with ease, walked on water, and become a hero in all manner of lore and stories. Just like any other little boy.

A caw in the air cleared his thoughts as he looked at the island and the main feature that was the Eagle's nest in the highest tree. He often took the old row boat made for a man to the island. It was no small task for a child to manage the oars but he would lift, splash and pull, lift splash and pull until he got to the island. After pulling the bow upon the rocky shore and a bit into the grasses he would walk the island. There were no signs of any other ever being there. No human signs or litter. The little boy would then walk to the base of the tree below the Eagle nest and look at the fish bones. Then look up at the nest and wander about the island sniffing plants, wild flowers, ferns, pines, birch, berries and wild grapes. How blessed he was to be so free and alone.

At the edge of the old pier that creaked when one walked on it, and some boards were missing and half of it was covered with moss, sat the small boy watching his bobber bounce in the small waves when there was a shadow that startled the child and he almost dropped his fishing pole. It was the Eagle. Quietly gluiding with magnificent wings spread not ten feet from the pier. The child stood and spread his arms trying to look like a bird as the Eagle seemed to look him directly in the eye. For a moment, time seemed frozen and there seemed to be a communion. Then the Eagle took flight and I nearly fell off the pier.

In the distance I heard a call. " Stephen, Stephen it is time for lunch." It was my Grandmother Evelyn. A voice like no other, a song in the woods. The boy gathered up the fishing gear and returned to the cabin.

At the table with a plate of steaming food. She asked, " Did you catch any thing? "

The little boy said, " Yes, but the fish got away."

The Eagle in my eye is forever a memory and a melding that I can not explain.
Liberty Spread Her wings and Soared

As ever be well. With love, Stephen Craig Rowe

This week I met Rob Marcello from the band Danger Danger.

He is a good man and a good friend.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Liberty and Dragon


Liberty stepped softly from the clouds and spread her wings then soared. White feathers stretched as she sailed and the Sun light glinted all around her, in the clear blue and the twilight she found the Dragon and thwacked him on the snout. There was a quiet rumble and a puff of smoke as the Dragon began to wake. One red eye, then the other opened, to see Liberty. The Dragon then smiled and wagged his tail. Or rather, slapped and thumped it in the Cave.
Liberty was rubbing her right elbow and smiling at the Dragon as she folded her wings and said,

" Dragon, did you see the Eclipse last night? It was so glorious and a moment to behold."
The Dragon sat upright and wiped the sleep from his eyes, took a drink of dragon brew and cleared his throat, then said. " Of course I saw the Eclipse, I made the Moon look red!" With a small puff and an expression of indignation. Rather child like in a dragon sort of way. Liberty was right there.
"Silly Dragon, you had nothing to do with the Eclipse or the color of the Moon. These are not the Olden Days." She said, in a firm but gentle voice.
The Dragon put his claws together, looked down and there was a slight twitch of his tail. He was silent for several moments, staring off into Space. Liberty just stood there and touched his head, graced his brow and patted him like he was an old dog. Warm and friendly. The love of eternety returned and there was a spark in his eye as he said.
" Yeah, I know the Olden Days are gone. That is why I slumber so. You look better than ever! Why do you keep rubbing your elbow?" The dragon then took another draw of the dragon brew as Liberty smiled and replied.
" It is nothing, but a slight pain from holding the Torch. More of this later." She said and sat next to the Dragon with a wing and an arm around him.
Head to head they nustled in silence as the worlds and words spun about them. The memory of the Olden Days and the New Worlds and thoughts of their place These Days. Oh, there the memory of Liberty and Dragon danced with the Lords and Ladies, the Faries and Angels people of the forests, rock, stone, river, streams, oceans and all the Saints and Fires that glimmer in the night and imagination. That have ever been and ever shall be......Then Dragon held out his hand and said with a smile. " Sissor, rock, or paper?" Liberty laughed out loud! A laugh that rings in all things, it was so sharp and sweet.
She smiled at the Dragon, rubbing her elbow. Then Said, " Dear Dragon, it is written somewhere that in the Beginning Was the Word. The Word became that which gave us life in the mind of humanity. There we have given Humanity the beauty of the Myth, the Magic and healing quality of words. The poets and the Muse. The Dream of the Other Worlds and the beauty of All."
There they both sat in profound silence and reviewed the sad state of human history. All the terror, wars, greed, disaster, famon, starvation, man's cruelty to man's own kind and the rape and pilliage of the Planet that gave them birth. Sacred sweet life, the ability. The desire, the Dream.
Liberty, sighed and said, " My elbow is sore from holding the Torch," as she held the Dragon and wept.
The Dragon, wiped her tears and said, " Dear Liberty, though they need us not in the times of their own making and folly. They need us forever in the beauty of the Myths, Magic and Glory of it All."Yes, there we shall ever be." Liberty spread her wings and soared with a song of Freedom holding high the Torch for All to see the Light.

To me, the beauty of the myth, is as dear as the reality. There we are able to examine our heritage as our heritage is paramount to the future. We need and desire fiction that is more than entertainment. Thus, we were given the Word and the desire to share.
As ever be well, With love, Stephen Craig Rowe