Thursday, December 06, 2007

Snow Queen.

Introduction: After work last night I stood in the yard and looked to the sky. Half moon seemed to open the heavens and give me a chance to see the stars. It was all so very clear, still and silent. When I went indoors and sat at the computer my thoughts turned to December, family, friends and the meaning of Christmas.


The Sky show sparkled after
Midnight as
Winter's chill became
Cold and
Rain turned to Ice.
Warm thoughts
Of those near
Far away
are sustinance
Amid the
Clutter and
Glitter of the bustling
Myth and
Faith mingle
In the Joys,
and Merriment.
While the Heavenly Father
Gave life to the
Light of the World
and the
Holy Spirit
This earth
As Man.
Half Moon
Seemed to open
The Heavens for
A glance at the
On the
Eve of December.

Half Moon shivered and froze
As she saw her reflection
on the Ice glazed pond
That began to glow
under night sky
As Liberty
Softly scented the
Half Moon woke the
Heavens and Stars burned bright
In the deep blue night.
A sparkle, wink and chill took
as She touched the Sky and
Liberty sang one
clear still vibrating note
To crack the ice.
A thrill of a thrilling note,
A song without music or words.
A tone and tune to
cue the heart in the night.
Yet clear and ever knowing,
Ever clear and ever snowing, Ever known
and ever knowing, ever been and
Ever shall be.
Ever been and ever shall be.
Are those wind chimes?
Sparkling in the sky.
What sound is this?
Be they voices from the past, or dreams of the Dragon?
Half Moon and Liberty snickered,
Then gave the Dragon a NUDGE!
Half Moon laughed out loud as
Liberty thwacked the dreaming Dragon on the snout!
And said, into a big old Dragon ear that she had to partialy unfold for it had been slept upon for so very long. " Early in the times, whispers of myth are as clear as my words. Here and now I bid you wake, for the old days and new need you now."
The Dragon gave a Humph! A puff of smoke, a snort and tried to cuddle back into the treasue trove of dreams, ancient times and Dragon dreams. Puff, puff, puff. And Dragon, seemed to doze.
Liberty took her hands and shook the Dragon's head, her wings a flutter about the big smoldering snout. Then said,
" Dragon, wake for the month of December is the month of the old and the new!"
At that, both of the Dragon's eyes glowed wide open and fast awake to view the world all at once.
And the Dragon shed tears for the world of today.
" Dear Liberty, what have they done? " The Dragon cried. Now, I have never seen a Dragon cry, but can you imagine that!

Yes there is a beauty to the myth in human consciousness that is as real as the dream.
Liberty and Dragon
Dance forever
Hand in arm,
In hand,
Reflected in
Glass beads
Ever have been and ever shall be.
Of the All.
In December.
As ever be well, again, Stephen Craig Rowe
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