Monday, August 17, 2009

PAINTING STUDIO Sunflower and The Week That Was In East Peoria, and Peoria, IIlinois. Written by Stephen Craig Rowe

Sunflower, sunflower shine on me. So sweet your beauty sang to me. Sunflower, sunflower may you ever be. Sunflower, sunfower brought light to the day. Sunflower may that light never fade.
One morning last week there was a knock at my door. A smiling young lady introduced herself as Alice and asked if I had any children. My reply was that my son is a grown man and in the US Army. She took a look over my shoulder and saw some of my paintings. " You are the artist?" She asked, and I said, " Yes, come in, come in, and see the works."
As Alice was looking at the paintings she told me that she was an exchange student from Estonia. Looking for part time work as a baby sitter. Then asked me if I knew of Estonia. Yes, Estonia is home of the Tall Blonde Vodka. She smiled and kept saying that these paintings are "So cool.", with her distinct accent. I gave Alice a grand tour of the Painting Studio and answered her questions about my work. She wanted to buy a painting to take with her to Estonia but could not afford the price. So, of course I gave her a small piece and on the back wrote: To my friend Alice from Estonia. At the end of the visit we parted with a little hug and big smiles. Never know who will come knocking upon your door. How one receives, greets, and treats a guest gives ones self and the guest a memory that lasts forever.
Not half an hour later there was another knock at the door. It was Danielle a friend and server at Jim's Steakhouse in Peoria, Il. Danny as I call her, brought me a small jar of home made jalapeno jelly and asked if I would like to join her for lunch. I told her that I would love to but had not shaved or had my morning ablutions. Whatever they are. Grin. We had a nice visit, chat and I told her that I may visit Jim's Steakhouse over the weekend. We then parted with a sweet hug and a wave.
I then chatted a bit with Sassene and then my dear friend Riette from South Africa. Did some communication with friends on MSN Windows Live Spaces, Rambling On, Douglas S. Taylor the author, and others.
Over the weekend I did go to Jim's Steakhouse for dinner. Friday and Saturday nights. It was so very good on Friday that I had to return. Tim Comfort the owner, good friend, and past employer was and is ever a gracious host. Was able to see and talk to some of the guests and co workers. It was a pleasure indeed. Spoke with Dr. Norm Estes, a friend, who is head of the College of Surgeons for the University of Illinois. I gave him an update of my condition and he offered to write or call my surgeon and told me that the facility in Indianapolis is where Lance Armstrong was cured. I also spoke a bit with the prominent Peoria lawyer Joe Napoli, also a good friend, as well as Bruce Saures former owner of the local hockey team and a Peoria landmark. Then as the night was drawing to an end Kim Armstrong from the Peoria Art Guild brought in some performers from the Peoria Blues Fest. I had to say hello and mingle a bit. Exchanging musical tid bits and such.
I also joined just because I have been part of the community since 1995. In spite of trials, tribulations, trouble and strife have a feeling that I have left a positive mark on the community that I serve with fine art, wit, my twisted humor and sometimes bad poetry. On that note I must be off for another road trip and dose of chemo. In the mean time,
As ever be well.
Sun flower sunflower shine on me. For the light of your flower shall ever be.
Stephen Craig Rowe