Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Liberty and Dragon


Liberty stepped softly from the clouds and spread her wings then soared. White feathers stretched as she sailed and the Sun light glinted all around her, in the clear blue and the twilight she found the Dragon and thwacked him on the snout. There was a quiet rumble and a puff of smoke as the Dragon began to wake. One red eye, then the other opened, to see Liberty. The Dragon then smiled and wagged his tail. Or rather, slapped and thumped it in the Cave.
Liberty was rubbing her right elbow and smiling at the Dragon as she folded her wings and said,

" Dragon, did you see the Eclipse last night? It was so glorious and a moment to behold."
The Dragon sat upright and wiped the sleep from his eyes, took a drink of dragon brew and cleared his throat, then said. " Of course I saw the Eclipse, I made the Moon look red!" With a small puff and an expression of indignation. Rather child like in a dragon sort of way. Liberty was right there.
"Silly Dragon, you had nothing to do with the Eclipse or the color of the Moon. These are not the Olden Days." She said, in a firm but gentle voice.
The Dragon put his claws together, looked down and there was a slight twitch of his tail. He was silent for several moments, staring off into Space. Liberty just stood there and touched his head, graced his brow and patted him like he was an old dog. Warm and friendly. The love of eternety returned and there was a spark in his eye as he said.
" Yeah, I know the Olden Days are gone. That is why I slumber so. You look better than ever! Why do you keep rubbing your elbow?" The dragon then took another draw of the dragon brew as Liberty smiled and replied.
" It is nothing, but a slight pain from holding the Torch. More of this later." She said and sat next to the Dragon with a wing and an arm around him.
Head to head they nustled in silence as the worlds and words spun about them. The memory of the Olden Days and the New Worlds and thoughts of their place These Days. Oh, there the memory of Liberty and Dragon danced with the Lords and Ladies, the Faries and Angels people of the forests, rock, stone, river, streams, oceans and all the Saints and Fires that glimmer in the night and imagination. That have ever been and ever shall be......Then Dragon held out his hand and said with a smile. " Sissor, rock, or paper?" Liberty laughed out loud! A laugh that rings in all things, it was so sharp and sweet.
She smiled at the Dragon, rubbing her elbow. Then Said, " Dear Dragon, it is written somewhere that in the Beginning Was the Word. The Word became that which gave us life in the mind of humanity. There we have given Humanity the beauty of the Myth, the Magic and healing quality of words. The poets and the Muse. The Dream of the Other Worlds and the beauty of All."
There they both sat in profound silence and reviewed the sad state of human history. All the terror, wars, greed, disaster, famon, starvation, man's cruelty to man's own kind and the rape and pilliage of the Planet that gave them birth. Sacred sweet life, the ability. The desire, the Dream.
Liberty, sighed and said, " My elbow is sore from holding the Torch," as she held the Dragon and wept.
The Dragon, wiped her tears and said, " Dear Liberty, though they need us not in the times of their own making and folly. They need us forever in the beauty of the Myths, Magic and Glory of it All."Yes, there we shall ever be." Liberty spread her wings and soared with a song of Freedom holding high the Torch for All to see the Light.

To me, the beauty of the myth, is as dear as the reality. There we are able to examine our heritage as our heritage is paramount to the future. We need and desire fiction that is more than entertainment. Thus, we were given the Word and the desire to share.
As ever be well, With love, Stephen Craig Rowe
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