Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Water of Dawn

Though the night is cold and the hour is dark

Stars rain diamonds from Heaven.

Gently grace the garden

That grows

from the past.

All those times,

all those times,

Seed sown and scattered,

Planted and blooming,

Rage in the Light of the fire of life.


free and alone.

All the tears,

Each and every one a

Pearl reflecting

The individual

Held Holy in the Hands of God.


Grace reflects

upon the water of life,

the past, now, and future.

Your hands are of the Light.

For you are the Light of the World.

Poetry is spoken quiet in the


Near the fire, eyes look into eyes as

the poet speaks.

And all remember.

Hand upon hand,

Embrace and entwine,

as the stars of night

dance on the waters

of dawn.

As ever be well.

Stephen Craig Rowe
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