Saturday, June 06, 2009

ROSE ON THE MOUNTAINS. Please Help End Mountain Top Removal Mining by Stephen Craig Rowe

Though I have lived most of my adult life in cities, towns, and the farm. I was blessed as a child with a deep abiding love and respect for nature. Have never lived in the mountains but have visited them east and west in the USA, plus while living in Europe I became in awe of the lure and beauty of the mountains. As a city slicker I have read about strip mining for coal and did not think much about it until I only recently learned of mountain top removal mines. I was in shock, my mind turned white as a ghost as my Irish began turning red at the thought of anyone blowing the top of a mountain off for monitary gain. How and why would anyone do such a thing?
Have the bloody bastards no conscience? I fear not.
Did a bit of research and found some good people that are about the cause of ending and preventing Mountaintop removal mining. The rose is a symbol of love, respect and care for the mountains and the betterment of all. Please take a moment of your time to explore the following links and to see what part you can be to end this crime against nature and humanity.
Thank you, and as ever be well,
Stephen Craig Rowe
Post Script: Special thanks to Kathryn Magendie
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