Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In And Out Of The Screen, Space Is Only As Deep As One Makes It By Stephen Craig Rowe Published On Google Blogger July, 2010

I am not one to re-post stuff time and time again, but I really like this screen shot.  The photograph was taken last August on an early Sunday morning.  I call it a screen shot because of the texture that the screen gives the images rather than a screen shot that one's web cam can do.  As I walked myself through the set up with camera, tripod and light there was just a perfect setting for the shot on the window ledge.  The light reflected in and out in a most pleasing visual quality that I found most poetic as the screen gave a texture to the work that gave this photograph a push and pull that draws the viewer within and without the image.  I have done this with a few other images that are striking with the screen effect.
And without.  So here we are on a new adventure making Space as deep as one makes it. 
One word at a time, it seems.  Then again,
one word
can change the world
improve the betterment
of all.
As ever be well,
Stephen Craig Rowe

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