Thursday, July 24, 2008

Painting Studio, My Mothers Birthday

Introduction: July 24 is my Mothers birthday. I was at work when I called her. Had to have someone watch the door and take calls as I called my Mother. I had to go out doors to get a good signal on my phone. On the street in my tuxedo I called and wished her a Happy Birthday! Cars were buzzing around in the skyline tango, people were waving at me. And I was on the phone with my Mother. Mom was at the home with Dad and he was fast asleep.
I responded to a note from my little sister Carrie. As ever be well and God bless yu and yours.
Dear Carrie, I am ok and work has been busy. Yes I know that Mom's birthday was today and I called her this afternoon from work. She was with Dad and was surprised to hear from me. She said, " How did you know it was my birthday? " It made me smile that I remembered. We all know I am not a card sender or any of that stuff. Smile! I have not heard from John at all. I am not in any pain and am working five nights a week. There is some intrest couple of paintings but the bloody bastards have not written a check, yet. I pray they do soon because I do not want to prolong the surgery. Then again, I do not want to be in the hospital when Dad goes. Yeah, a lot is going on and my simple mind is always racing. Am thinking of calling my friends in the Blue Angels when Dad gives it up to God. I know, and it makes me cry just to think of this. Just maybe think of this if one of the jets was even close to the military ceremony for our Father. How very cool a fly by would be. To honor, salute, and wave goodbye to a proud vet of WW2 and the father of six misfits who each have found their own way and are finding their way home. Little Sister I think I may just post this note at the Painting Studio. Love you and yours more than words can tell, as ever be well, your bro,Stephen Craig Rowe

More than words can tell,
As ever be well, with love,
Stephen Craig Rowe
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