Friday, December 12, 2008


THE TWELVTH MOON was first published at the PAINTING STUDIO  I believe two years ago.  I am re posting it here.

There are many names for the December Moon. The Chocktaw Native American Tribe see it as the Peach Moon. Others call the full moon of December the Bitter Moon, the Cold Moon, the Snow Moon, the Long Night Moon, the Oak Moon, and Winter Moon.

The Dakotah Sioux name the Full Moon Of December.....The Twelfth Moon.

The twelfth

Full Moon of the year

Drew me to the yard at Midnight

In the bitter cold

In the snow.

Hand held a railing

That I could look directly


In my eyes the clear vision

As I arched my back

Crained my neck

Stars clear as bells

Ringed around the

Twelfth Moon as

Diamonds frozen in the Sky.

As ever be well, With love. Stephen Craig Rowe
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