Sunday, December 14, 2008


This is the first Christmas Season without my Father. I miss him very much and though he is in my blood, bones, heart and soul. He is often in my thoughts. This is why I am reposting the following piece.


A poem in my own words inspired by JouElam+Sofie

INTRODUCTION: SAUDADE is a Portugese word that was given

to me in love and friendship. I can not translate this word, I

can only write what I feel.


Echo in the valley

Cry in the night

Free and alone

Trickle in the

moon lit streams

That flow from

My eyes

onto the windows

In the keypad

That scratches

Only a high held note

The Violin


Splashing wine

On streets that shine

With tears soaked in


Of those near and dear.

Of those that have ever been and ever shall be.

Of those that have risen'

Of those that sing

Of those that are

Of the Light and Spirit.

Of the woods, rain, forests, grasses, trees, limbs and

Leaf sparkle

Dew drip dawning

Rainbow brow smile

Reflect the night Sky


Dance in

The glistening drop

Waving at the shore

Foaming and breaking on the rocks

Receed, Smile at the Moon.

Reflect in the pond

Skipping stones

and remember.


Home is where the

Art is, forever home

Or away

Within the All.

SAUDADE! As ever be well. With love, Stephen Craig Rowe


Ecoa no vale

pranto na noite

livre e abandonada

lua de fluxos brilhantes

iluminando os minúsculos córregos

que escorrem debruçados

nas janelas dos meus olhos

apenas a tecla em arrepios


é o sustenido

o violino

segurando uma nota altíssima

derramando o vinho do nosso copo

nas ruas encharcadas

pelo cintilar

da memória das lágrimas

de todos os que nos são intímos e queridos.

de todos aqueles que sempre foram,estiveram

são, estão, serão e estarão connosco

todos aqueles

que cantam

todos aqueles que são

luz do espírito

dos bosques, das florestas , das chuvas , da relva , das arvores , dos troncos , das folhas


gota d' orvalho amanhecendo

sorriso na sobrancelha do arco-íris


reflectidas no Céu noturno

A Stephen Craig Rowe Poem

Translation And Adaptation By JouElam

A very touched thank you to our Dear Friend Stephen

Author's note: It is I who thank you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. As ever be well. With love. Stephen Craig Rowe

Friday, December 12, 2008


THE TWELVTH MOON was first published at the PAINTING STUDIO  I believe two years ago.  I am re posting it here.

There are many names for the December Moon. The Chocktaw Native American Tribe see it as the Peach Moon. Others call the full moon of December the Bitter Moon, the Cold Moon, the Snow Moon, the Long Night Moon, the Oak Moon, and Winter Moon.

The Dakotah Sioux name the Full Moon Of December.....The Twelfth Moon.

The twelfth

Full Moon of the year

Drew me to the yard at Midnight

In the bitter cold

In the snow.

Hand held a railing

That I could look directly


In my eyes the clear vision

As I arched my back

Crained my neck

Stars clear as bells

Ringed around the

Twelfth Moon as

Diamonds frozen in the Sky.

As ever be well, With love. Stephen Craig Rowe