Sunday, April 05, 2009

Nine Roses The Garden by Stephen Craig Rowe

Several years ago I cut some roses from my little garden and arrainged them in a champaigne flute.  Then waited for just the right light with my Cannon T50 hovering on the tripod.  When the classic composition was properly framed and the early evening light seemed to shimmer just for a moment.  I held my breath and let the shutter fly.  Later that evening at World Famous Big Al's I placed the flute of roses on the stage for a favored exotic dancer.  As she thanked me for the roses and told me how beautiful they were I saw happy tears sparkle in her eyes and smiled.
Yesterday afternoon I was able to spend some time in the small garden taking on some lite tasks of weeding and cutting back stems that winter was not kind to.  Tend to cut away the brown down to the green just above a tiny sprout.  My landlord dropped by and we made some small talk.
" Did they make it through the winter "?  He asked pointing to the roses.
" Eight of the nine did.  Don't see any signs of the JFK rose ".
" We don't have much luck with roses.  How was your trip to the VA Medical Center in Danville"?
" Mostly routine.  Lab works, a follow up interview with the surgeon, another CT scan and a visit with the wound care nurse".  It had been only 32 days since my operation I thought.  Then said,
" Will know more after the CT scan in Indianapolis later this month.  The scanner there is more advanced than the one in Danville and after the scan will meet with the radiology-oncology team".
" Hope things go well in Indy".  He said and left me to my gardening.
Time spent in the garden to me is rather like taking a walk in the woods or getting into a good book when all the trouble and strife of the world fades as one's focus is on the intricate beauty of life and thoughts are kind as they wander within and without. 
I did promise my dear friend Riette from Port Edward, South Africa a photo of the front of my house.  It is early spring and this morning is grey.  The shot was taken about an hour ago and is rather stark but as summer comes so do the hanging baskets and pots of flowers to brighten the porch.  The rest of the photographs are of the young roses and some signs of life from my walk on Saturday April 4th.
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As ever be well,  Stephen Craig Rowe
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