Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I don't know about you but the times are a changing. Here we hold holy rights, and an awesome responsibility to care for the planet, universe and those that dwell within. I am only a simple painter and sometimes bad poet and care. So I shall post this,
Dear ACLU Supporter,

Thanks for sending a message to your senators asking them to reject efforts to use and politicize the Defense Department Authorization bill as a vehicle for undermining civil liberties. Your voice, and that of hundreds of thousands of other ACLU activists, are being heard in Washington. After months and months of pressure and newer and more disturbing revelations, Attorney General Holder is close to appointing a special prosecutor to investigate torture. And we have allies in the White House and in Congress who are committed to cleaning up the mess left by the Bush administration.

Please ask your friends and family to let their senators know that preserving our values and the rule of law are a top priority. We’ve made it easy to send your friends a message. Just cut and paste the message below into a new email message.

Thanks for all you do to defend the Constitution,

Anthony D. Romero

Executive Director

To me the rule of the law is the will of the people expressed through their chosen form of government. Just a thought. Please visit and keep your fingers on the keypad to improve the betterment. As ever be well, Stephen Craig Rowe


Subject: Help us stand strong

Hi there,

This week, the mammoth Defense Department Authorization bill will reach the Senate floor. This must-pass legislation could easily become a vehicle for amendments to stop the closing of Guantánamo Bay, undermine efforts to hold to account those responsible for the Bush torture program, and, most troubling of all, to promote a new system of indefinite detention without charges and without trials.

You and I have to respectfully urge the Senate to not let this important piece of legislation become a vehicle for undermining civil liberties. I just sent a message to my senators. Will you do the same?

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