Monday, September 28, 2009

PAINTING STUDIO And The Trans Siberian Orchestra Page Three by Stephen Craig Rowe

     Several years ago I was fortunate enough to meet Al Pitrelli and his wife Jane.  Al is the lead guitar and band leader of the Trans Siberian Orchestra and Jane Mangini is the keyboard.  We met at Jim's Steakhouse in downtown Peoria, Illinois the night before the concert and through conversation became fast friends.
    A couple of days ago my sister Pam called and told me that she and mom wanted to give me an early Christmas present in the form of a ticket to the TSO concert on Saturday November 7th at the Peoria Civic Center for the 8p.m. show.  I was and am elated by this and the seat is on the floor in section A row 8.  Right up close where I want to be.  The Civic Center is only a block or so from Jim's Steakhouse and am sure to be there for dinner before the show and cocktails after.
    Am writing Jane and Al this afternoon in hope that we can get together sometime before or after the show.  Last year we missed each other because they were in and out of town faster than I can type.  Really looking foreward to this and would love to spend a bit of time with them.  My 12th round of chemo will be concluded on the 28th of October and there should be a few weeks before surgery.
    When not touring with the TSO Al and Jane are busy with their band O'2L.  Speaking of touring I have to get ready to go on the road again to the VA Medical Centers in Danville, Illinois and Indianapolis, Indiana for another dose of chemo this Wednesday.  Will be home on Thursday or Friday.  In the mean time,
As ever be well,
Stephen Craig Rowe