Tuesday, December 14, 2010

PAINTING STUDIO And The Snow Queen by Stephen Craig Rowe

     The Snow Queen sighed as she saw the ridge bathed in an early evening light, with all but a few leaves fallen and cast a color rather like rust, rose and something in between in a moment before dusk.  In a deer stunned moment birds became silent as chill winds brought the first dust of snow that soon became rich full flakes as one would see in a movie drifting in the last sun rays upon the ridge.  Fall hung on her arbor as a leaf fell in silence as quiet as snow, as silent as a tear, and there but for a moments grace a sigh in the wind gave the face of Fall to the Snow Queen's kiss, and all night long, then through the day the ridge and lands where covered in white.  Some say they see Angels, some say it's just cold rain falling and some say the change of seasons is magic that no words can tell. 
     The Snow Queen smiles as some bring indoors the outdoors with pines, green wreaths, cones and things that recall fall.  Put up lights, make music and merriment with family and friends.  Recall all of those near and dear, here and gone that make us who we are in the present and in memories. 
    Some say they see Angels and the Snow Queen Smiles.  Some say the season is magic, and as ever be well,  Stephen Craig Rowe
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