Thursday, December 30, 2010

Stephen's Painting Studio Thoughts About The Old Year And New by Stephen Craig Rowe

     Liberty never sleeps for when she is not in the stars she is about in the heart and minds of those who dream, those who believe, those who wonder and wander and all those others.  Liberty and Dragon dance eternal, entwined forever in the reflection of glass beads and tears.  In mid winter the magic of Christmas combines with the power of winds, rains, snows, "only God knows", and such that the Snow Queen bestows upon the lands.  There Liberty wakes the Dragon for a dance again on New Year's Eve.
     One can not help but recall the year past, with all the good and ill experiences.  Then shed a small tear for the ill memories and smile for the good ones with hope that the New Year shall bring more good than ill to those near and dear, to those who dream, those who believe, those who wander and wonder, and all those others.
     On New Year's Eve Liberty and Dragon will be dancing a wing flapping, tail slapping galactic tango that touches the all in the magic of who we are and the realization of the miracle that we are here and able to count our blessings.
     The celebration is ever one of hope for a better year to come and an appreciation of the year past. 
     I wish you and yours, a very meaningful, safe, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
     As ever be well,  Stephen Craig Rowe


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