Tuesday, January 11, 2011

PAINTING STUDIO Bean Plate And Update Stuff by Stephen Craig Rowe

My son is on his way to the Afghan war I am full of thoughts, prayers, gin, poetry, fine art, snow, winter winds, music and stuff like prayers and thoughts.  Most of the snow fell in the night and there is a profound silence as snow falls without wind rather like the quiet comfort of a blanket wrapped around one in warm dreams of spring.  Now on to the bean plate, no matter what one must eat and need sustenance.  On a cold winter night this dish has filled and warmed my core over the years.  It is an old time bean plate.

Do not throw away the skins, clippings, trimmings, tops and ends of your vegetables.  I freeze mine in a zip lock type freezer bag and use them as needed for stock.  Carrot tops, ends and peelings, tomato tops and ends, celery pieces and roots, onion skins, garlic skins, tops and roots of nearly any vegetable that one trims should be reserved for stock.
Cover the stock with water and bring to a high boil, add whole and cracked pepper corn, a bit of chicken base and reduce to a simmer until the broth looks like this.

How sweet is that?  An amber colored base that is all natural and made from scraps that one would normally disregard.

The ingredients are simple.  Two cans of great northern beans drained, three or four new red potatoes diced, one medium onion fine chopped, mixed peppers, smashed garlic cloves, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, chopped celery, carrots, pork jowl or salt pork.  I prefer the smoked pork jowl and saute' on low to med heat for about five or six minutes then drain on newspaper before adding to the bean pot then will add some smoked sausage and after bringing the pot to a full boil will let it simmer until thick enough to be eaten on a plate.  With lightly toasted herb and garlic bread. 
From my home to yours, and your home to mine, we are all in this world together, be it a hill of beans or a can of fish assholes.  Smile and as ever be well. 
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