Sunday, March 13, 2011

Liberty And Dragon Cry In The All A Word World Poem By Stephen Craig Rowe

Liberty shed tears and woke the Dragon as the Ice Princess touched the core of the earth and shifted things about a bit. 

Teutonic plates deep within the Pacific rim moved not only the earth but also the seas as the sea rose and fell, falling city, town, village and all in the wake of the quake. The tsunami rage and roar touched and changed the world.  Countless deaths, individual pain, suffering and grief compounded with possible nuclear disaster has caused pause for the poet-painter to wrap my mind around an event of such magnitude. 

Dragon woke and nearly blinked curled upon his treasure trove, the Old Boys sing and gain profit by the loss of countless others in pain and suffer.  Scales and tails slapping each other on the back yelling in stock market stalls,  Up the price of oil!  Buy body bags!   Go green!  Drill now!  Nuke plants are clean safe source of power!  Not. 

Poetry is only spoken quiet in the space between the words.  The reality of events is explosive, evident, clear and concise.  A moment in time twisted like a slide shown sideways in the present.  In the Light of the world and the tears of Liberty as she shines.  As ever be well,  Stephen Craig Rowe

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