Thursday, March 17, 2011

Center Stage On Saint Patrick’s Day A Word Or So By Stephen Craig Rowe

     Though the day was long and gray I took to walking in soft spring winds just this side of rain and mist where each step felt good.  A quiet inside kind of good rather like a knowing and not a fear as I tried to wrap my mind around current events while walking.
     I thought of Irish things and places in my dreams rich in County Cavin Riley lore that flows in my blood, touches my heart enough to cause words of light even during the seemingly darkest days.
     I took it upon myself to enter a tavern where I was unknown.  A stranger seeking nothing but a pint of Guiness and time alone with thoughts of those.  There was not an interruption as I sipped in thought.  There was a din of conversation and some Irish music in the background but I did not hear for I was alone by choice.
     I finished my beer and silent conversation with ghosts, tipped the bartender and made my way home thinking of how very fortunate I am to never be alone.
     I came home and took to center stage as a poet is wont to do in honor and respect.  As ever be well, Stephen Craig Rowe
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