Saturday, April 16, 2011

National Poetry Month In A Jumble Of Words By Stephen Craig Rowe


   Indeed the colors of spring are loved by all for there is a feeling of regeneration in the first wild flowers as they grace the lawn and woodlands.  There one may wander in thought and pause for moments or hours in the beauty provided by nature.  In the most profound poetry of silence is an ocean of peace that no words can tell.  A personal experience that one knows yet fail to express because the word and image are drawn within and without, frail as a flower, soft as a feather, shrill as the cry of a gull, and light the sky in explosion of thunder and storm. 

     This gift of life is an ever evolving poem, personal only in perspective.  The work in progress is not about me, the poet or painter for it is about you and the experience you gain from the images and words.   Some say they see angels, some say it’s just rain.   

      As ever be well,  Stephen Craig Rowe


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