Friday, April 22, 2011

Thoughts About Holy Week And Easter By Stephen Craig Rowe


   Good Friday rains kept some indoors until an afternoon pause allowed one to walk damp streets strewn with storm debris, gaze in wonder at the greening of lawns, trees, the morning mad sky gone quiet now, for a bit, with ominous clouds still swirling a promise of more rain while sad-glad wildflowers shook and shimmered rain drops as their colors drew the eye to nature’s silent poetry.

   There was no other as I walked, though my prayers are for those near, dear, in dreams and so very far away.  Near and dear as Saints and the ghosts that dwell in my blood, bone, mind, heart and soul ever eternal.  Everlasting from before time began, shall go on forever for time shall never end.  That which is, is forever.  Or so it is written.  Or so they say.  I for one ever fear to follow, yet never fear to follow myself through burning run for there is the stuff of life given as a sacred gift and trust.

   To me, the trust is for humanity to assume stewardship for the planet Earth that we are gifted to dwell on.  Ignore it and it will go away.  Cosmic dust is also eternal.   See all the stars in the sky,  See all the nails on the Cross.  See all the seas gone dry, see all the lands gone stark.  Never see the stars for some have closed their eyes. 

  Not me on my watch this Good Friday, or ever, Earth Day is every day and you are stewards of the Earth in Heaven and here.

  In my wildest dreams, I pray.  Some keep me awake all night long because I talk to the Host, the Ghosts, the Saints, Spirits, trees, sprites and the old ones.   Sometimes they talk to me.

    Just some thoughts about Holy Week, Good Friday and Easter.  As ever be well, with love,  Stephen Craig Rowe


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