Thursday, December 08, 2011

PAINTING STUDIO December Moon. A Word Painting by Stephen Craig Rowe


Here tell there will be a full moon of December this Saturday.  Do hope the sky is clear that night for my vision and sight to see Liberty dancing in the diamond sky as she wakes Dragon for the magic season as Dragon dreams of olden times.  And silence in the depth of dreams as only a Dragon can be.

     Liberty thwacked the Dragon’s smoking snout, softly with her wings and asked him to wake.  There was a pause, a puff and grumble as Dragon tossed, turned and felt a pinch from his treasure trove.  " Ouch! ", the Dragon said.  Rolling over and in a state of half wake found Liberty in his beady red half woken eyes as bright as a star.  She said, Dear Dragon the last leaves of fall are gone and the Snow Queen is soon to be about for the chill of winter.  The magic white season, where roses sleep, when trees rest, gardens go to the garden.  Dragon woke, in a puff of smoke turned tail and said, " Liberty we are forever entwined.  Eternal in all seasons and in reflections of the wine.”   Liberty smiled and on his brow gave a soft kiss.  As ever be well, Stephen Craig Rowe


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