Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring and Signs of Life a New Day Turn Within And Without by Stephen Craig Rowe

Just the other day I was talking to a friend in Kokstad, South Africa about all manner of things as friends do talk about. The past, present, the now, and future. My current ills and healing and events in her part of the world. Then she asked me if I had any dreams. Before I could answer there was an activity on my street. Sirens and such three or four doors down about a flair up or whatever. I excused myself and went to the porch to snap a pic or two. It was all over before I knew it was about and the fire men were folding the hoses. Attention to detail is paramount to attention to flighty events. Though half a world away, I would rather be there than in the blind. In the dreams and in the hands and heart. There was a break in the clouds and was able to place my hands in the garden for some signs of life.
My thought was so beyond words. Then bent for some signs of life of last years roses and I was amazed
The greening and colors took me by

The Day Lily poking her head in my happy face! A good day is a long day in the light. As ever be well, With love, Stephen Craig Rowe
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