Monday, May 23, 2011

My Wild Irish Rose An Adventure In Time by Stephen Craig Rowe

   This is entirely  a work of fiction and none of the names have been changed.  What?  Well, maybe some to protect the innocent.  The Who?  The Band.  The What?  Not U2…The Stones rolling in recent events have turned the tides of Time into a tsunami of world news and makes one wonder who is writing some of these scripts for the White House here in the good old USA.  I don’t know if I can follow any of this crap and it pisses me off because of the time taken away from the roses, garden and greening of the international famous ridge behind the house, yet I am compelled to comment.

   I did have a good walk today and did some grocery shopping for enough provisions to make it to the end of the month.  On my walk for no reason at all, between prayers and bird watching, I thought about Trump’s falling out of the race, good thing, and am sure some of the old boys gave him a shove.  Then I thought about the birth certificate crap, Newt.  Nice name for a child by the way.  How about salamander?  No, honey, I like Newt.  sheesh.  Recent comments by the Newt had the party give him up in a heartbeat.  On the other hand the President Of The United States Of America forked up a birth certificate, joked the Trump and pissed off Israel.  Smooth move.  Not for political contributions but this is not what the Obama administration is about.  So, what it it about?  I don’t have a clue and it causes me time away from the garden and that pisses me off.

   My name is Stephen Craig Rowe, I was born in Oak Park, Illinois in 1947.  I know this is hard to believe but it is true and a matter of public record.  My ancestry is German, Irish and a smattering of this and that over thousands and thousands of generations.  I honor those who came before each and every day.  In any way I am able ,through my art and words and never pretend to be any other, than I am.  

    The Obama Irish connection to me, is a bit absurd and offensive.  What next?  Jimmy Hoffa?  The Kennedy Family?  Deeper roots in Kenya?  Oprah’s long lost brother.  Cousin of Dr. Phil, or Henry Kissinger’s nephew, a Shah of Iran’s distant cousin?  Stephen King could not imagine a more surreal cause of events and absurdity that turns Roots into a nightmare gone wild.


     Hmm, I don’t know Hun.  WTF is this?  Suck it up and enjoy we are Irish now.  Maybe tomorrow we will be with bloody Brits who did not invite us to the wedding and the Queen who may be my great grand Auntie just because. 

      Smile and as ever be well, Stephen Craig Rowe.  


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