Sunday, October 10, 2010

Painting Studio Update Early Fall by Stephen Craig Rowe


     The early fall has been unseasonably warm and bright.  Trees are gently turning and beginning to display a show of colors that is a delight to behold.  Some of the roses still have buds and blooms.  The photo above was taken last winter when I did a shoot of a dozen white roses.  
     When my old Dell finally went to the garage for storage I threw out all of the disks that had piled up in the bookcase without looking  through them and managed to pitch the disk from my printer along with the rest.  Do I really need the disk to use the printer or can I just hook it up to the new computer to scan and upload photographs?  Have been cautious about experimenting with this for fear of harming the new machine.
     A friend from Liverpool, UK came to America in 1980.  We worked together at the Barn Of Barrington Restaurant and became fast friends.  He is a chef of the highest caliber and at the time I was Maitre d'.  Nearly two months ago he moved into the Painting Studio. After living alone for 11 years I was not sure if I could tolerate having someone around but am pleased to announce that things are working out very well.  Most of the time I don't even know he is here and that suits me just fine.  It is also nice to share the expense of running a household for a change.
     Today he is cooking a hearty lamb stew and the place is filled with wonderful aromas.  I must be off for my daily walk and to enjoy this beautiful early fall day.
As ever be well,  Stephen Craig Rowe

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