Friday, October 15, 2010

Painting Studio thoughts about Social Security freeze of cost of living increase two years in a row by Stephen Craig Rowe

     Those who know me here and through other blogs have found me to be a rather quiet man when it comes to current events and I busy myself with painting, photography and writing.  Seldom do I voice an opinion on political views or news.  Today I am pissed off because of the freeze in Social Security cost of living allowances and just don't get it when rents rise, food costs rise, fuel cost rise, utility costs increase, medical costs increase and on and on.  One works hard all of their working life and during that working life pays into the Social Security trust expecting compensation upon retirement.  Not a lot of money each month but enough to get by and one would think that the cost of living allowance would increase yearly as costs increase.  Yet for the past two years they have not.
       Yet $80+billion has been paid to bail out the auto industry and unless one is employed by the big three or in the oil-fuel business.  What have these corporations ever done for you?
        How about the 4.72 trillion dollars spent on the bank-Wall Street bail out?   Then it has been recently reported that the recipients of  the 4.72 trillion dollars are paying out record bonuses this year.  What have those blood sucking profiteers ever given you?  Foreclosures, law suits, headaches, homelessness, starvation and in some cases suicide.  The fuckers don't even take you to lunch or ask you if you want grease before shoving it up your.......
        Then we can spend $737,964,960,000 on the war in Iraq looking for WMD that did not exist and kill and be killed for what?  Nation building?   When was the last time money was spent from Iraq to America?  No answer. 
        Also there is a great deal of money being spent in Afghanistan, approx $355,425,000,000 to date and rising.  Lining the pockets of officials there, that are laughing their asses off at us as they re finance the Taliban and make deals with contractors as brave soldiers shed their blood because they are following orders from the commander in chief.  What does Afghanistan provide the USA and the world, a very high quality opium crop.  Does Afghanistan pay any money to the USA?  Gimme a break.
       Yeah, I know that commander in chief was not typed with caps because to my knowledge the President Of The United States Of America did not serve in any of the Armed Forces.  Oh well. 
       I don't pretend to know and am sure that I don't know but it seems to me that all of these expenditures are spent on ventures that gain no return for the American people or improve the betterment of the world.  Every day it seems that the news reports cuts in state and local welfare programs for the needy and disabled.  Cities and towns have to cut back on police, first responders and other essential services here at home because of lack of funds.  It really makes one wonder what is going on and why.
       In conclusion, those who have worked and paid into the Social Security Trust should expect timely cost of living allowances regardless of where other monies are spent or why. 

       As ever be well,  Stephen Craig Rowe
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