Saturday, October 23, 2010

On The Eve Of The Full Moon Of October 2010 by Stephen Craig Rowe


The day was grey and gloaming a rain from dawn until mid-afternoon with hardly a hint of light, then some clouds cleared and a bit of sun gladdened the ridge and lawns.  There but for a moments grace in pause was a reflection in the wine most pleasing and then as quiet as a falling leaf the vision was gone. 

This night there is a chill in the air as though spirits of Indians are dancing  in the winds while leaves swirl and clouds curl around the full moon of October.

As ever be well,  Stephen Craig Rowe


Friday, October 15, 2010

Painting Studio thoughts about Social Security freeze of cost of living increase two years in a row by Stephen Craig Rowe

     Those who know me here and through other blogs have found me to be a rather quiet man when it comes to current events and I busy myself with painting, photography and writing.  Seldom do I voice an opinion on political views or news.  Today I am pissed off because of the freeze in Social Security cost of living allowances and just don't get it when rents rise, food costs rise, fuel cost rise, utility costs increase, medical costs increase and on and on.  One works hard all of their working life and during that working life pays into the Social Security trust expecting compensation upon retirement.  Not a lot of money each month but enough to get by and one would think that the cost of living allowance would increase yearly as costs increase.  Yet for the past two years they have not.
       Yet $80+billion has been paid to bail out the auto industry and unless one is employed by the big three or in the oil-fuel business.  What have these corporations ever done for you?
        How about the 4.72 trillion dollars spent on the bank-Wall Street bail out?   Then it has been recently reported that the recipients of  the 4.72 trillion dollars are paying out record bonuses this year.  What have those blood sucking profiteers ever given you?  Foreclosures, law suits, headaches, homelessness, starvation and in some cases suicide.  The fuckers don't even take you to lunch or ask you if you want grease before shoving it up your.......
        Then we can spend $737,964,960,000 on the war in Iraq looking for WMD that did not exist and kill and be killed for what?  Nation building?   When was the last time money was spent from Iraq to America?  No answer. 
        Also there is a great deal of money being spent in Afghanistan, approx $355,425,000,000 to date and rising.  Lining the pockets of officials there, that are laughing their asses off at us as they re finance the Taliban and make deals with contractors as brave soldiers shed their blood because they are following orders from the commander in chief.  What does Afghanistan provide the USA and the world, a very high quality opium crop.  Does Afghanistan pay any money to the USA?  Gimme a break.
       Yeah, I know that commander in chief was not typed with caps because to my knowledge the President Of The United States Of America did not serve in any of the Armed Forces.  Oh well. 
       I don't pretend to know and am sure that I don't know but it seems to me that all of these expenditures are spent on ventures that gain no return for the American people or improve the betterment of the world.  Every day it seems that the news reports cuts in state and local welfare programs for the needy and disabled.  Cities and towns have to cut back on police, first responders and other essential services here at home because of lack of funds.  It really makes one wonder what is going on and why.
       In conclusion, those who have worked and paid into the Social Security Trust should expect timely cost of living allowances regardless of where other monies are spent or why. 

       As ever be well,  Stephen Craig Rowe

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Painting Studio Update Early Fall by Stephen Craig Rowe


     The early fall has been unseasonably warm and bright.  Trees are gently turning and beginning to display a show of colors that is a delight to behold.  Some of the roses still have buds and blooms.  The photo above was taken last winter when I did a shoot of a dozen white roses.  
     When my old Dell finally went to the garage for storage I threw out all of the disks that had piled up in the bookcase without looking  through them and managed to pitch the disk from my printer along with the rest.  Do I really need the disk to use the printer or can I just hook it up to the new computer to scan and upload photographs?  Have been cautious about experimenting with this for fear of harming the new machine.
     A friend from Liverpool, UK came to America in 1980.  We worked together at the Barn Of Barrington Restaurant and became fast friends.  He is a chef of the highest caliber and at the time I was Maitre d'.  Nearly two months ago he moved into the Painting Studio. After living alone for 11 years I was not sure if I could tolerate having someone around but am pleased to announce that things are working out very well.  Most of the time I don't even know he is here and that suits me just fine.  It is also nice to share the expense of running a household for a change.
     Today he is cooking a hearty lamb stew and the place is filled with wonderful aromas.  I must be off for my daily walk and to enjoy this beautiful early fall day.
As ever be well,  Stephen Craig Rowe

Monday, October 04, 2010

Stephen's Painting Studio and The Rose & Thorn Journal Page Two by Stephen Craig Rowe

    I know we have seen the image above in previous posts and some of us just can not get enough of it.  Myself included.  Grant me a moment or so to give an update of recent events here and there.  My home blog the Windows Live Space PAINTING STUDIO as we knew it, is no more.  The other day I read a message from MSN Windows Live Spaces that informed me that Spaces would no longer exist after March 2011 and that I could migrate my Painting Studio space to WordPress.  So in good faith I pressed the migrate button and presto!  The PAINTING STUDIO was gone.  Poof!  I thought the whole thing would be transported to WordPress but only my posts and archives seemed to follow.  I don't know.  Anyway here is a link to the WordPress PAINTING STUDIO.  Am still testing the waters there but plan on moving my home blog to Google here.  I almost forgot that the Flying Monkeys space was still active and made a post there and plan on keeping Flying Monkeys alive until the end.
    Recently the co editors/publishers of The Rose & Thorn Journal asked me to become the art commentator and art gallery curator.  It is an honor for me to accept the position as a staff member and hope I do them proud.  The art gallery is still a work in progress and will feature emerging and established artists.  The fall edition will be published on October 15th and hope all of you will sign on for the news letter while enjoying the fine quality publication.
     Thank you all, and as ever be well,  Stephen Craig Rowe